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1Tim. 4.8; 6.6
Attention: Godliness was excuse for mediocrity. Progressive people were wary of it.
Problem: Godliness seemed meant to lead to greatness, 1Tim. 4.8; 6.6.
Orientation: Godliness means to be like God. To be like anyone implies to have their kind of result. God is great. To be like Him implies greatness.
Purpose: To challenge worldchangers that godliness should lead to greatness and show how.
Background: God seeks to restore His image/character in us, Eph. 3.20; Gen. 1.28.
1.      That is the key to meeting all our needs
2.      We are to keep the image/character before our eyes continually, 2Cor. 3.18.
3.      We are to exercise ourselves on the individual characters, 1Tim. 4.7
God’s Characters
1.      He is uncaused. He is proactive, Gen. 1.1; Ps. 33.11; Eph. 1.11; Heb. 6.17.
a.       He takes initiative, responsibility, charts his own course; not reactive, blaming.
b.      He takes responsibility. He chooses how to respond whatever the case might be.
c.       Anyone always made to do things is a slave.
d.      To be caused is for your life to be a function of unstable elements: Feelings, Moods, Impulses and Other people’s treatment
e.       It is really to be cursed: life will be unstable and not productive; servitude.
f.       To be uncaused is for your life to be a function of stable elements: Decisions, Vision, Values and Purpose
g.      It is really to be uncursed/blessed: life will be stable and productive.
h.      That choice is determined by the following capacities:
i.                    Self-awareness: I am separate from the situation
ii.                  Will: I can decide what to do
iii.                Imagination: I can create options
iv.                Conscience: I have a sense of right and wrong that guides the option I take
i.        Being uncaused and holiness. As believers,
i.                    We don’t sin because we don’t know right from wrong
ii.                  We sin because we are letting our feeling not our values drive our lives.
Conclusion: Our journey to greatness begins as we practice the godliness of being uncaused.
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