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As you can see, whatsapp groups are no go area. People don't want to PH there there was a time when people make profit from owning a WhatsApp group now the story has changed even if you create a group u can hardly find someone to pH 1k there . The best is for you to get a website where it can be done officially and you have no body coming there to spam your members. I can help you create a ponzi website just like the one below note it is not free good thing requires money.
1. tetrismart.com
3. wexpress.biz
4. nairapropeller.com
5. slimpro-nigeria.net
6. cashcolonyplus.com
7. my.thehelperclub.com
8. 4waycash.com
9. donationhub.net
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11. paymatch.org
12. frezypay.com
13. luvwealth.com
14. springcash.com
15. naijapay.net
16. doublepay.com
17. btcriver.com
18. stablecashout.org
19. nairanation.com.ng
20. farewealth.com
21. kaynation.com
22. nairaxpress.com
23. cashnaira.org
24. cash4cash.net
25. claritta.com
26. bigbankalert.com
27. tripleit.com
28. moniebox.me
29. deinvestors.com
30. paymatch.com
31. makenaira.com
32. doublecash.me
33. thriftonweb.com
34. paycycler.com
35. fundniche.com
36. divinetfund.com
37. paydonor.com
38. ogive.com
39. somapay.com
40. moneybox.com
41. quickmoney.com
42. liftcareer.com
43. cashblaze.com
44. loopersclub.com
45. reeleef.com
46. goldbox.club
47. Stablecashout.com
48. netelites.org
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50. donorhub.net
51. instantfunding.org
52. bumpercash.com
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54. cashflip.me
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56. nairatab.net
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58. cashex.org
59. clockrich.com
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61. alwayspays.com
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65. pekunias.org
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68. bitmoner.io
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131. Wellapay.com
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134. doublecashme
 There was a time the above site was paying so don't just sit down and look don't waste your time on  whatsapp group anymore  get your own ponzi scheme website now and start promoting it then make cool money for your self ,your privacy is secure so PM ME if you are an admin or an ordinary member  so you can get your site running in less than *10*days pm me or  call me on *07035323038 *...The time is now don't dull ur self don't pm me if you are finding free website it is not for the poor u use money to make big money
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I'm Casper Joe a social media marketing professional with extensive experience in digital marketing, Web and graphic Design,Video Editor,Ballet Dancer and content development; lover of all things in social media. I keep up-to-date with constantly evolving technologies in online social networking and the blogosphere and I work closely with clients to create innovative, effective campaigns and contents.you can chat with me on whatapp +2347035323038 follow on twitter @casperjoeo
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