We are Casperjoe production, a registered media outfit that applies professionalism in brand management. Our team has a collection of dedicated and God fearing gurus with talent hunt skills, graphics and web design, TV, audio and video production, fashion models which covers advert and billboard etc, Social Media Specialist, event management which covers Mc, Ushers, Dancers, Red carpet hosts and Tv presenters.You can call or whatsapp us on +2347035323038 or email us casperjoeproduction@gmail.com or info@casperjoeproduction.com It's Casperjoe Production JOIN MY CASH CIRCLE TODAY AND GET RICH WITHIN THE NEXT 48 HOURS | Casperjoe Production


multi level marketing(ponzi) has been the talk of the day in Nigeria  and a lot of people has lost  a huge  amount of money form them. if you fall in the category  of those who has loss do not worry
a more relabel multi level marketing site has been made available for Nigerians to enjoy with lots of awesome packages .My cash circle is  for students and civil servants only, an online E-business Non-governmental institution, made up of a professional team of different young entrepreneurs extracted from different works of life. We are focused on, issuance of loans, peer-to-peer donations, drafting of business plans, Proposals, provision of scholarship opportunities, online skill acquisition programs among others. Our institution is proudly supported and sponsored by notable philanthropist, corporate bodies and organizations, all aimed at supporting students academic activities and families in need. Every participant must be a voluntary financial donor in any of our financial packages to access our set down benefits. We also assure you of 100% return of your donations within minimum of 24hrs and maximum of 96hrs, after which you can then be eligible for loans and others.Mycashcircle.com partakes in person-to-person voluntary financial donation as stated above, created to support entrepreneurship individuals, basically students, intended to enable them raise funds to start up small businesses, earn profits and then utilize the profits in pursuit of their academic dreams, e.g payments of fees, purchase of Jamb forms, NYSC camping requirements and many more. Its also intent to promote the exchange of ideas and sharing of information regarding business ideas, plans and proposals, especially in areas of agriculture which can go a long in boosting the Nation's Economy. Mycashcircle.com is not a health insurance company, care provider, Charity organization or related with any governmental bodies, it is purely a platform created to support each other growth sponsored by corporate bodies. At Mycashcircle.com, you have no worries of Scams or site crashing, as we guaranty you that our sponsors are on standby to handle issues of insufficient cash for participants. Our mission is to reduce poverty by engaging our youths into entrepreneurship by encouraging them to invest minimal, while providing them with loans and business ideas to set up businesses. Also take into cognizance that Mycashcircle is an online financial institution set up to meet the academic needs of students in higher institutions of learning and to create an enabling environment for families to thrive and meets up their day to day basic needs. Unlike Ponzi Schemes where you make profits and back out, here at My cash circle, every participants is a debtor, this means that whatever you benefit from the platform, you are to use in maximizing profit within the shortest time and then pay back by giving to another participant, else you will be held accountable via details you provided, this is why we demand the participation of only students and civil servants which will all be verified.

    This platform is created to handle issues such as

  1. Making Deposit (Paying to a participant)
  2. Make Withdrawals with 100% profit (Two participants will be asked to pay you)
  3. Applications for loans (Students and civil servants are accessible to loans)
  4. Scholarship opportunities (Request for payments of school fees will be rewarded to deserving student after due verification


    Critically examine all contents, then read and understand all that is written on this platform before participating to avoid disqualifications.
  1. Endeavor to have a business plan, sincerity of purpose and goal oriented before participating
  2. Ensure you operate mobile banking, if not don't participate.
  3. You have maximum of 8hrs to make payment fees and 96hrs or less to receive, depending on the growth of the platform.
  4. You are not allowed to have multiple accounts with one name, phone number and email.
  5. Keep your user details and other sensitive information about your account as safe as possible.
  6. This platform works on a first come, first serve basis, while we state you can be matched within a week. The matching leverages on the growth of the platform, hence it is very possible for you to be matched in a few minutes
  7. You can only apply for loans after you must have been a six times beneficiary of the platform, and you must either be a civil servant or an undergraduate university student to be eligible.
  8. If you are yet to receive payment within a week time, write to us and our sponsors will immediately refill your account.
  9. Ensure a practice of recycling once you have received your profit to keep the system functional
  10. Pay your loans at the exact time or face the full wrath of the Law.
  11. Do not verify a participant's pledge based on claims that He/She has sent the cash, ensure you receive a credit alert from your bank first
  12. If you are in need of business plans/ideas, don't hesitate to write to us.
  13. You can also write us business plans/ideas and send to us, this qualifies you for scholarships and access to our loans, but you must be a participant of the platform.
  14. It's a compulsory task for every participant to recycle, to this effect some essential details will be demanded from you. 
 what are you waiting for join now

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I'm Casper Joe a social media marketing professional with extensive experience in digital marketing, Web and graphic Design,Video Editor,Ballet Dancer and content development; lover of all things in social media. I keep up-to-date with constantly evolving technologies in online social networking and the blogosphere and I work closely with clients to create innovative, effective campaigns and contents.you can chat with me on whatapp +2347035323038 follow on twitter @casperjoeo
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