We are Casperjoe production, a registered media outfit that applies professionalism in brand management. Our team has a collection of dedicated and God fearing gurus with talent hunt skills, graphics and web design, TV, audio and video production, fashion models which covers advert and billboard etc, Social Media Specialist, event management which covers Mc, Ushers, Dancers, Red carpet hosts and Tv presenters.You can call or whatsapp us on +2347035323038 or email us casperjoeproduction@gmail.com or info@casperjoeproduction.com It's Casperjoe Production About Us

About Us

Casper Joe Production is a modern management outfit that applies professionalism in brand management. Our team has a collection of creative and dedicated guru’s from talent hunt skills,Graphics & Web Design, Video Profiling, Music Production, Fashion Model, PR and also Social Media Auto pilots. These set of people decided to put heads together to represent Casper Joe Production which is our brand.

We are basically into branding, packaging your brand and giving it a social media profile. The effects of social media cannot be over emphasized lately in business connections and promo. Meanwhile looking at the type of business your firm (Your Company ) is all about, you will need a social media based profile
Casper Joe Production will provide social media consulting and execution services in the following areas:
  • General Analysis and Social Marketing Integration Consulting
  • Social Media Strategy Development and Execution
  • Daily Social Media Management Services
  • Email Marketing Services.

General Analysis and Social Marketing Integration Consulting

Proper integration of all aspects of marketing and messaging with clear objectives, target audience and flow are essential for optimal performance and ROI within social media marketing. Currently, few individual components are in place leaving a significant opportunity for unified and consistent messaging, as well as the need for significant upgrades in digital marketing norms, resulting in opportunity to connect and engage customers.

CJP (Casperjoe Production) will provide strategy, development, consulting and execution to bring all aspects of social media and traditional marketing efforts into alignment with unified goals and purpose.

Social Media Strategy and Execution
The proper and effective use of Social Media is to build community, conversation and relationships with your audience. There are significant opportunities for your Company to achieve gains within this medium. Currently,   prospects and fans.
 Furthermore, there are significant opportunities to optimize existing marketing and branding efforts to leverage the social components to attract additional Facebook likes, website traffic, Gogle+, twitter followers and customers.
Through consulting, strategy and executing in cooperation with your Company, CJP will direct the proper implementation of Social Media channels that will further build the brand, loyal customer base and community. Some of the activities that will be included in the program are:

Our Service on Social Media Are:

1)           General Social Media Strategy and Social Integrated Marketing consulting.

2)      Social Media Account creation, management and daily responsibility, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, blog and website

3)           Fan page custom landing page design and implementation.

4)           Twitter page custom background design and implementation.

5)           Development and execution of a social content strategy

 6)       Management of Fanpage posting - We will be posting 10-15 times per day.

  7)        Management of Twitter posting - We will be posting and retweeting twitte trendr 15-20 times per day

    8)           Buying of 100 twitter follower per week

9)           Cross channel flow consulting from all media sites including website, fanpage, twitter, etc.

10)      General text, photo, video and other posts to Social Media umbrella sites.

11)      General compilation and coordination of client news, events, community involvement postings within Social Media umbrella sites.

12)      Responding and engaging with fans and followers to build relationships.

13)  Hosting an online context for fashion models, talent hunt and best photographer etc.

14)      Promoting of Your Organization  on our twitter,

           Facebook page, blogs Etc.

15)      Creating of Bbm Channel where you can have thousands of Subscribers.

    16)  Creating of Android Application 

    17) Email Marketing.

Our Core Value
1)    Transparency
2)    Creative

3)    Honest
4)    Humorous

5)    Innovative
6)    Consistent
7)    Growth

8)    Educated
9) Time Management
10) Delivering 

About the Ceo of CasperJoe Production

A social media marketing professional with extensive experience in digital marketing, Web Designing, graphics and content development; lover of all things social media. I keep up-to-date with constantly evolving technologies in online social networking and the blogosphere and I work closely with clients to create innovative, effective campaigns and contents.
Hard working, goal oriented, reliable (exceptional attendance and punctuality), creative, technologically savvy, trendy and quick to learn new skills. 

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